Understand the love of Radha & Krishna!

1. Comprehend the adoration for Radha and Krishna? … nobody on this planet can comprehend the adoration between Radha and Krishna … the individuals who say that adoration between Radha and Krishna is substantial love are dolts and they are influencing themselves as well as other people to trick … they are absolutely in dim and it is their puerile numbness … when they will come to know the real reality they will atone on their screw up botch.

2. Indeed, even the littlest supporter or aficionado of Krishna does not do substantial love … since he comes to realize that substantial love is mortal and he should sob tomorrow on the off chance that he cherishes the body today … henceforth he generally adores the Atma or soul, not the body …

3. Leave the Atma or soul … he never adores the mortal, he generally cherishes the undying since he realizes that the mortal should be missed one day … regardless of whether this mortal is your auto, home, your prevalence or high office, and so forth … subsequently he generally adores the godlike which can never be missed.

4. When you move toward becoming pupil of Krishna, once you taste even a drop of celestial love, divine euphoria, divine nectar, divine delight of affection between Radha and Krishna, you will overlook substantial love between man and lady for ever …and, likewise, at that point you will overlook any common joy got from any common protest … that common question might be auto, cabin, office of executive, honorable prize, abundance of whole world, any man or lady, and so forth and so on.

5. The majority of the general population kick the bucket without knowing the essence of this celestial nectar, divine euphoria in this valuable life.

6. At that point, you will atone that how much botch you were doing while at the same time adoring this world and mortal!

7. Be that as it may, do you know who is Radha ? … Radha is the Atma or soul of Krishna … what’s more, Krishna, Himself is Paramatma … thus, it is the adoration between Atma and Paramatma.

8. Consequently, never do this silly oversight … henceforth, never do this screw up botch. Else, you should atone one day.